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Sierranator is an annual 1-day unofficial event in the Sierra Nevada. It is a cross between peakbagging, ultrarunning, and mountaineering. It can take place in the Sierra anywhere between Donner Pass and Tehachapi Pass between the months of June and September. Participants will have 24 hours to climb a series of event listed peaks. If the chance of thunderstorms exceeds 30% for a given date, the event date for that year will be moved to a day in the following month. The course will generally change from year to year. A course will only repeat itself if there were no finishers of that course during the previous year AND popular consensus among participants of that year is in favor of repeating. This event was inspired by the Sierra Challenge, but meant to be a shorter version for those who cannot afford to take several days off for a 10 day event.

The Course
Any given course will contain two or more relatively obscure event listed peaks, or obscure routes up two or more well known event listed peaks. The purpose of obscure routes is to level the playing field between newbies and those who are already seasoned in Sierra mountaineering/peakbagging. The main goal is to climb as many event listed peaks as possible. Participants are only required to start and finish at a fixed location (the specified trailhead for that year), but can otherwise take any route they like up the peaks. I will include a suggested route. The suggested route is my prediction of the most efficient route up the peaks without having to do any scrambling/climbing more difficult than class 3. Because I have never done the route, my actual path may deviate from the suggested route in practice.

Participants are scored based on how many event listed peaks they climb, divided by the number of total event listed peaks, and multiplied by 100 (for example, if there are 4 peaks, and only two are climbed, the score is 50). If only one participant finishes all the peaks, they are declared the Sierranator. If more than one participant finishes all the peaks, the participant with the fastest time is declared the Sierranator. There are no physical prizes, although winners will be recognized on this site.

Why The Event?
There are lots of reasons I am organizing this event. Primarily it's to bring together mountaineering, peakbagging, and ultrarunning enthusiasts in a friendly and fun manner, and introduce them to new parts of the Sierra Nevada. I also like the idea of a casual and free event where participants can simply show up without much prior commitment.

How much does it cost?
For the event itself, nothing. Participants are however responsible for their own lodging, food, and transportation, etc. Most ultrarunning/mountaineering events cost a small fortune, preventing many perfectly able athletes from participating. My hope for this event is to close that financial gap for those who cannot afford those events.

Who do I sue if I get hurt?
No one. There is no official organization to ensure any level of safety any greater than you have on your own when you venture into the wilderness. If you are hiking or climbing with others during this event, you do so the same as if you were out with friends. Don't expect anyone to ensure the qualifications of another you are hiking or climbing with. If you have doubts, you should find someone you trust, go alone, or choose not to participate.

Contact me
I can be reached at Any feedback on the event is appreciated. Sponsors and advertisers are not allowed at this event.

List of years
Sierranator I (August 25, 2018)
Sierranator II (June 29, 2019)