Sierranator I (2018)

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Trailhead: Crystal Lake Trailhead (by Lake George)
Trailhead coordinates: 37.6033, -119.0108
Date: Saturday August 25, 2018
Start time: 5:30am
Route length (suggested route): 20 miles
Route gain (suggested route): 10,500 - 11,000 ft
Lowest elevation: 8,700 ft (trailhead)
Highest elevation: 12,051 ft (Duck Lake Peak)
Number of event listed peaks: 15
Weather forecasts: 8,301 ft  8,930 ft  9,603 ft  11,601 ft

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The first annual Sierranator will take place near Mammoth Lakes in the beautiful Sherwin Range, traversing two prominent ridges bordering the Mammoth Lakes and Duck Lake drainages. We will start from Crystal Lake Trailhead at 5:30am on the clock, going along roads for the first ~1.5 miles before hitting the toe of the Sherwin Range near Old Mammoth Mine and heading south. The ridge and peaks start off technically easy, then get difficult on the southern end of the route south of Duck Lake. In this area, several bypasses are drawn on the suggested route map for those who do not want to climb class 5 terrain (which I do not recommend without a rope). After Duck Lake, the route veers back north along the Mammoth Crest. The last few miles back down should be nice smooth-sailing trail.

Note on the map: This map was initially created for an earlier date when snow was more likely present, thus the recommendation for ice axe and crampons on certain bypasses. In August, it is very unlikely that ice axe and crampons would be required for any part of the route.

Participant List
Toshi Hosaka41Morgan Hill, CA
Sean Reedy42Gilroy, CA
Mason37San Francisco, CA
Jonah Olson36CA
Donatas Jonikaitis36CA
Eric Su22San Jose, CA

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