A list of exceptional California-related mountain adventure blogs/websites

Trip reports- they are many of our primary sources of inspiration to explore new areas. Without trip reports from others, we would not be able to see anywhere near the amount of unique places which we do experience. The purpose of this page is to commemorate a number or exceptional and well written blogs/sites devoted to mountain adventures in California which are focused to do just that. I have personally gained much useful and important beta from all of these sites. The sites listed below are NOT listed in any particular order. If anyone reading this knows a site which is not on this list, but should go on it, feel free to contact me.

My criteria for an exceptional mountain adventure site are:

1. Enjoyable and informative: Reports are written in a manner that they are informative and enjoyable to read.

2. Adventure focused: The site is focused primarily on mountain sports (e.g. hiking, climbing, mountaineering, skiing). Sites which pitch themselves as mountain-related but focus more on other topics such as gear reviews do not fulfill this criterion.

3. Innovative exploration: The site demonstrates a clear interest in exploring remote places off the beaten path. Many are places that few (if any) had heard of, are not posted anywhere else online, involve off-trail travel, and require sophisticated navigation and/or physical effort. Several mainstream California hiking sites do not make it onto the list because of this criterion. Every living visitor to the Sierra Nevada has heard of Mt. Whitney and Half Dome, but there are in fact over SEVEN THOUSAND mountains in the Sierra. Examples of sites that do not fulfill this criterion are:
-A Southern California site which primarily focuses on places such as: Mt. Baldy, Iron Mountain, San Gorgonio, Santiago Peak, 3 T's, Cactus to Clouds, etc

-A San Diego site which primarily focuses on places such as: Mission Trails, Torrey Pines, Iron Mountain, Mt. Woodson, etc

-A Sierra Nevada site which primarily focuses on places such as: Mt. Whitney (main trail), Half Dome (cables route), popular Yosemite Valley trails, etc

and without further ado, the list:
siteprimary activitiesprimary CA location(s)
Bob Burd's Trip Reportshiking, mountaineeringall California
Climber.org: California Peakshiking, climbing, mountaineeringall California
Mountain Hikerhikingcentral coast ranges, northern Sierra
Iron HikerhikingSouthern California
David Stillmanhiking, canyon explorationSouthern Caliornia
Steve Hall's Death Valley Adventureshiking, canyon explorationDeath Valley
Vividrea1ityclimbing, mountaineeringall California
Dr. Dirtbaghiking, climbing, mountaineeringall California
Leor Pantilat's Adventurestrail running, hikingcentral coast ranges, occasional Sierra
Tom Grundy's Travelshiking, climbing, mountaineeringSierra Nevada, Bishop area
Patrick ONeill's Hiking BloghikingSouthern California
Cohp.org: Californiahiking (county highpointing)all California
Wild SouthlandhikingSouthern California


  1. Thanks for the nod Eric. It means a lot to be included in this list coming from someone with your mountain cred.

    In addition to your fine blog list, let me recommend the following:

    Jack Elliot's Santa Barbara Adventure (https://yankeebarbareno.com/)
    Craig R. Carey (http://www.craigrcarey.net/)
    Sweeping the Garden (https://sweepingthegarden.wordpress.com/)

    Each of these guys offers a unique take on the So Cal outdoor experience. Craig Carey wrote the Bible on SLPF back-country exploration (David Stillman wrote the unauthorized version).

    Jack Elliot is a wealth of historical information about the Santa Barbara back-country and a fine writer to boot.

    Craig Wisner offers a more cerebral interpretation of back-country exploration.

    I wish I was half the writer these guys were and had a quarter of the back-country knowledge they have.

    Wild Southland

  2. Aloha Eric. I'm a bit honored to be included on your list. Though my blog has been inactive for some time, all my posts remain on-line and I will endeavor to answer questions related to the Southern Los Padres NF. As for the inactivity, I have taken a year off from the forest to pursue other interests, however, I will be returning to form by the end of the year. More madness awaits. Thanks again.