The SoCal Sh*t Pack Of Peaks Challenge

Welcome to the SoCal Sh*t Pack Of Peaks Challenge (TM), bringing together all types of mountaineers from all over the place to collectively go "why the hell do I even participate in this godforsaken sport?"

The original SoCal Sh*T Pack of Peaks Challenge (TM) covers a distance of idk miles and a vertical gain of ?? feet because I have not done most of them.

Here are the peaks:

Peak 2340
Sandwiched in the Santa Ana Mountains somewhere in between Camp Pendelton and the Inland Empire, this luscious delight of a peak will have you brush surfing for hours. If you're lucky, you may even be able to get a glimpse of the ocean if its not too smoggy. So who's ready to ride some gnar?

Kitching Peak
This peak was taken off the HPS list because it was getting complaints for being "too hard" (true story). Good thing that the SoCal Sh*t Pack (TM) is here for the rescue to put it back on a list!

Signal Hill
well, because, uhhhhh.....mountaineering....

Peak 3202 
This desert beauty sits somewhere in the Turtle Mountains in the middle of frickin nowhere

Point Happy
sponsored by Del Taco

Mt. Whitney 
Though it is debatable whether this peak really falls into SoCal, the amount of poop bags that people litter on the trail is surely enough to qualify this peak for this Challenge.

Start your challenge with one of our great packages today!

- The pale green package ($0): Great for newbies. Just sit back, prop your feet up, watch some football, and be happy you aren't climbing these stupid things.

- The light brown package ($0): In this package, you'll unfortunately need to climb the peaks, but you'll have access to our Peak Tracker (TM) log, which is a 60 sheets wide-ruled notebook which you will need to purchase yourself to write your peaks in. 

- The mushy almost-black package ($0): Just like the light brown, but you'll have access to our highly coveted finishers party. To get there, just go to your local bar and drink until you forget how miserable your existence was while climbing these peaks.

To qualify for our finisher's list, please take a photo from the summit of each peak and email them to me

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