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April 11-12, 2015
Located on the southeastern side of Lake Tahoe are a small clump on mountains which are part of the Carson Range, a subrange of the Sierra Nevada. The western side of this clump overlooks Lake Tahoe while the eastern side drops down to the Nevada desert. The highpoint of this clump is the popular and easy to reach Freel Peak, which is well known for being the highest peak surrounding the Tahoe Basin. Even though Freel is by far the most heavily visited peak in the area, it is neither the most enjoyable or hardest to reach. I set out to plot out a traverse of every major and/or interesting peak in the area, and tour them all in a weekend.

Getting to the trailhead: From Meyers near South Lake Tahoe, head east on Pioneer Trail for 0.4 mi, then turn right onto Oneidas St. Travel 0.2 mi to a gate at the end of the residence.

Trailhead coordinates (lat/lon): 38.864747, -119.994986

The table below includes every peak (traversing counterclockwise) on the Live Freel Or Die Traverse. For unnamed peaks, I have dubbed names for them which are mostly derived from the names of nearby passes and landmarks. These dubbed names are in quotes. Peaks without quotes are either officially named by the USGS or were found named by previous parties who had written them in summit registers.

PeakElevationTopographic ProminenceSummit Coordinates (lat/lon)
"Trout Peak"9,020 ft280 ft38.836304, -119.966791
"Fountain Place Peak"9,450 ft310 ft38.830113, -119.955461
"Tucker Peak"9,620 ft440 ft38.81397, -119.943145
"East Tucker Peak"9,587 ft206 ft38.812225, -119.931521
"Saxon Peak"9,647 ft947 ft38.832226, -119.927438
"Armstrong Peak"9,860 ft400 ft38.828281, -119.875897
Jobs Peak10,633 ft813 ft38.858165, -119.861371
Jobs Sister10,823 ft363 ft38.86231, -119.884589
Freel Peak10,881 ft3,146 ft38.857499, -119.900095
Trimmer Peak9,915 ft335 ft38.871523, -119.922895
"Star Peak"9,841 ft200 ft38.862668, -119.927466

Trip report (click on day 1 to begin)

Day 1: Oneidas St to Jobs South Ridge

Day 2: Jobs South Ridge to Oneidas St

Total Stats
27.6 miles    11,470 ft gain/loss

Map (Since Blogger does not let me upload this file at full size, email me at for a full sized version of this map)

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